Wednesday, March 21, 2012


NOSTRADAMUS, ASTEROID IMPACT end world in 2012. The Ancient world believed in A Mysterious Comet Planet that would pass earth in great intervals, over several thousand years. The Ancient Sumerians called this Comet Planet, NIBIRU. The Egyptians named it, "THE PLANET OF A MILLION YEARS" and Ancient Babylon renamed it MARDUK, the name of their god. Actually the Sumerians (circa 3400 BC) believed in a solar system much as we have today, with a round earth revolving around the sun.

The Hindu Religion also believed the "gods came to earth" in the Sacred Year of 432,000 BC. Here is where things really get interesting. Now if we divide 120 years into 432,000 years, we get 3600 years, the time the Sumerians believed it took NIBIRU to make a complete revolution around the Sun as it passes earth in 2012.
That means a "year for the Comet Planet" is 3600 years that 360/365 days for an earth year. This is almost reminiscent of The Bible where as it reads, "A DAY WITH THE LORD IS AS A 1000 YEARS.

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