Sunday, March 4, 2012

The Bible, Vedas and Quran Say End of the 2012:

The Bible, Vedas and Quran Say End of the 2012.Revelation were written toward that the end of the first century by the apostle John, apparently the last of Jesus’ original 12 disciples. John’s vision reveal that before Christ returns humanity will suffer devastating wars, disease pandemics, religious strife and famine on a global scale.

Bible says:
The bible says, don’t despair! In the Olivet Prophecy Jesus declared that He will return to save humanity from total destruction (Matthew 24:22). The Revelation tells us about the time of deliverance Jesus predicted. The Bible clearly shows that humanity is not going to experience extinction in 2012. Sometime in the future, Jesus Christ will return to save humanity from destruction.  Between now and then, you can live in hopeful anticipation of that day by turning the control of your life over to your Creator.

The Vedas says:
The Vedic scriptures are spiritual literature of the ancient Indian culture and the oldest scriptures. This region consists of a huge collection of books written in the Sanskrit language that includes material (mundane), religious (ritualistic), and spiritual (monotheistic) knowledge. The Vedas says that something dramatic will happen in 2012 and maybe the world will end. Very extensive information is given about the cycles this world goes through over and over again. It is not that we are in uncharted territory. These cycles repeat, just like every year we have the four seasons. The cycle of the seasons repeats over and over again. Similarly the cycle of the four ages or yugas also repeats over and over again. We know each of the seasons will last for three months and then the next season will start these four ages or yugas also repeat in a very systematic way.

The Quran says:
The book Quran is one of the most respected pieces of literature, for its scientific approach and accurate calculations about the future. Quran has stated that the world will come to an end and there will be signs to show that the end is coming. The first being, “splitting of the moon” which has happened, when parts of the moon were brought back to earth for study. The second being the discovery of the Quran’s mathematical code. This has also already taken place. The third, the creature “Made from the earth, it alerts the people that they have been oblivious to their Creator.”This “creature” is believed to be the computer. The fourth being, appearance of God’s messenger. This messenger to inform the world of the last of all the Holy Scriptures. This prophecy was fulfilled in the month of Ramadan 1408.Seven such prophecies being fulfilled, mark the certainty of the “day of judgment”. It becomes clear that 2012 is not going to be the end of the world.


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  2. Allmighty is my Allah & The Holy Quran shows right path for Zannath.Only Allah know when the world was end & You find the end of world symphtoms in Holy Quran..So Dnt belive in Reumars

  3. we Have heard that the end of the world is nearly coming but when we refer to what God has said "that none who know the time at which the world will end and it will be a surprise time . so where have you found that kind of information? so as for as I AM CONCERN ,ANYWAY ON ONE HAND IT IS TRUE BUT IT IS NOT TOTALLY THE END OF WHOLE WORLD IT WILL OCCUR TO ANY PART(COUNTRY) OF THE BEING MEET WITH THE PROBLEM. do you think that the world will end in installment? unless it will end scientifically or it will end with God's willingness. which one of the two is true ? explain ?

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  7. Hey you, dont insult our vedas. have you read vedas ?? according to vedas this era is kalyug and its age is 432000 dont know about hinduism(sanatan religion) it is the first/oldest and real religion of the world. and whatever today NASA and scientists are searching that is already written in vedas. thousands of muslims and Christians convert to hinduism every year. we never force you to convert like islam. they accept our religion at their own wish. to know more about hinduism google it and read our holy books online.

  8. Nice article .Thanks for sharing such a informative article.