Monday, February 13, 2012

Sun storms will assault earth by 2012

End of the World:

What ever replies unveiled by the scientists and other researchers in the concern “end of the world by 2012” there is no ultimate result for this serious issue. All the Medias like internet, television channels. Radio etc conduct the regular program on this topic. Yet no one able, at the same time, not ready answers for this problem.

solar storms

In the other side, let us go through one of the vital reason for the “End of the World: 2012.” That is nothing more than Sun storms. Solar specialist from around the world supervising the sun has made a startling discovery. Our sun is in a fragment of trouble. The vigor harvest of the sun is, like mainly things in nature, cyclic and also it supposed to be in the middle of an epoch of relative stability. On the other hand, up to date solar storms have been bombarding the earth through lot of emission energy. It is been knocking out supremacy grids and destroying satellites. This commotion is predicted to get shoddier and calculations recommend it will achieve its deadly climax sometime in 2012.

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