Wednesday, February 15, 2012

It’s true: Mayan didn’t predicated any date for world end

End of the World: 

The Germany researcher has proclaimed the suggestion that world won’t world end by the 2012. He added that Mayan calender did not foretell any explanations for the destroy at December 21st of 2012. But so many people are not ready to accept this message wholeheartedly.

end of the world

First let us go through the brief explanation about this calendar. The regulations followed by the Mayan Calendar are it has two overlapping annual cycles, which includes 260 days of sacred year and 365 days of secular year that named 18 months with 20 days each. For each day there have been four divisions they are a day number and day name in the sacred calendar and a day number and month name in the secular calendar. By this dramatic system, for every 52 years calculated as a single interval, it can also be referred as Calendar Round, and after each Round the calendar would rearrange itself like a clock. 
 Now the calendar cycle has complete or rearrange itself from December 21st 2012. But it is not the end it start their cycle again as a new trend from the predicated date. In absence mind all of them creating the myth that world will end by this year.


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  2. Yeah, something that clearly that they didn't think about was that the year the myan's predicted the world would end is in fact not 365 days but 366 days.