Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Technologies will end the world in 2012

Technologies will end the world in 2012.According to the Mayan calendar, we currently live in the 5th or 6th human kind era. The previous ones were destroyed either by floods, fire, earthquakes or other natural causes. Do you all think that mythology is JUST mythology or covered up truth for the plain human beings that wish to live a straight written down path in their lives? The calendar says that there will be a huge destruction that not many of us will survive. And then it will be the beginning of the next human era. But forget about it and look around you for a change. 
What is going on earth in 2012.New viruses are appearing but we are not sure if they are biogenetic ones or just arise through evolution. What kind of air are we breathing? What kind of food are we eating? What kind of radiation are we receiving through all this blast of technology? The ozone layer that is destroyed and also some change causes in greenhouse effect.
We all hear those things for years. Are they just a myth or a warning? How much longer will we live without the consequences start to appear and be irreversible? Has anyone thought about all these or maybe you are all just thinking about how YOU shall live your lives better? We have contaminated EVERYTHING. We WILL destroy the earth ourselves.
What kind of secret projects are being planned or are already put in motion? Do you think that science fiction is far away from the truth? When Galileo Galilei announced that the earth was round they burnt him into flames, because there were so narrow minded that they couldn’t just believe that this MIGHT be the truth and at least explore the possibility. Keep seeking the truth. I don't mean that the entire of world is full of conspiracy theories. BUT SOMETHING IS DEFINATELY WRONG in the year 2012.

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